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Ecommerce & Digital Growth Leader
I help companies solve challenging business problems using data, code, and marketing.

About Me

I’m a passionate data scientist who is highly experienced in leadership roles. As the founder of two companies and a director of marketing for over 5 years, I became an expert at identifying high impact data oriented projects and leading them to completion. My keen interest in data science and aptitude for learning technical skills has resulted in experience that goes beyond management. I’ve been lead developer on recommendation engines, data pipelines, and predictive models.


Data Scientist
FortNine · Montreal
2021 - Present

I’m currently working on the following projects:

  • Building product recommendation engines.

  • Data engineering in apache airflow to orchestrate extract, transform, load pipelines for BI and Marketing department.

  • Automating marketing campaign and adding new customer attributes to optimize ad spend and segment audiances.

Director of Marketing
FortNine · Montreal
2014 - 2020

Managed a team of 5 content creators and graphic designers to ensure newsletters, social media, youtube and SEO objectives were being met. Major accomplishments were:

  • Creation of the fortnine YouTube channel. It now has over 1 million subscribers and is a leading source of brand awareness.

  • Rebranded from “Canada’s Motorcycle” to “FortNine” creating a brand that appealed to a larger audience of powersport enthusiast.

  • Launched and managed all paid marketing campaigns which now contribute to a large proportion of sales.

7062885 Canada Inc · Montreal
2007 - 2012
Founded an affiliate marketing business that was generating over $300,000 in annual leads by its second year of operation. I was the only employee and specialized in lead generation for video games and dating sites through facebook ads.


Montreal Marketeers (podcast guest)

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